Our Organisation

The UCL Business Society is one of the biggest and fastest growing student societies at University College London, with the goal of broadening members’ career horizons and maximising our members’ chances of securing competitive internships and graduate opportunities. We also strive to be the most collaborative and integrating society on campus, with partnerships across many other academic and interest-based societies to jointly organise events to serve the broadest range of interests with regards to the business world.

The society has three primary objectives:

1) To raise awareness of the happenings in the business world and increase our members’ knowledge of the current trends across industries. This is achieved through talks and discussions with business leaders, case-study sessions with professionals and skills-based workshops and competitions.   

2) To broaden our members’ career choice through our partnership with leading firms from a wide range of industries including finance, consultancy, professional services, energy, FMCG, real estate and many more. 

3) To maximise our members’ employability through regular networking opportunities and career advisory workshops with our partners.

Our mission to bring the best that the business world has to offer right down to UCL is what drives us and our work every day. We want to unearth the next Fortune 500 CEOs and cultivate the future co-founders of start-ups. We want to expose students to the breadth and depth of opportunities and potential that you may never have thought of before. We want to nurture the next generation of leaders who will shape the world through business, non-profit organisations and government.

It all begins right here at UCL Business Society. Join us at our events and embark on the journey to be a step ahead!

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