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The UCLU Business Society is one of the biggest and fastest growing student societies in University College London, with the goals of broadening members’ career horizons and maximising our members’ chances of securing competitive internships and graduate opportunities. We also strive to be the most collaborative and integrating society on campus, with partnerships across many other academic and interest-based societies to jointly organise events to serve the broadest range of interests with regards to the business world.

The society has three primary objectives:

1) To raise awareness of the happenings in the business world and increase our members’ knowledge of the current trends across different industries through talks and discussions with business leaders, case-study sessions with professionals and skills-based workshops or competitions.   

2) To broaden our members’ career choice through our partnership with leading firms from a wide range of industries including finance, consultancy, professional services, energy, FMCG, real estate and many more. 

3) To maximise our members’ employability through regular networking opportunities and career advisory workshops with our partners.

Our mission to bring the best that the business world has to offer right down to UCL is what drives us and our work every day. We want to unearth the next Fortune 500 CEOs and cultivate the future co-founders of start-ups. We want to expose students to the breadth and depth of opportunities and potential that you may never have thought of before. We want to nurture the next generation of leaders who will shape the world through business, non-profit organisations and government.

It all begins right here at UCLU Business Society. Join us at our events and embark on the journey to be a step ahead!

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“Business As Unusual” Series

As a career advisory society with over 4,800 members spanning most degree disciplines, the UCLU Business Society is one of the largest and most diverse societies on campus and in London. This means that our society is continuously driven to look out for the best speakers who can add value and provoke thought among our members.

Given the background and extensive knowledge on the topics of practice, success and high performance of our guests, we strive to provide a unique platform through which UCL students are exposed personally to the most influential people of our time. Each event consists of a lecture followed by an interactive session during which attendees have the opportunity to ask questions related to the hottest topic of the moment.

Last year, we were honoured to host exclusive events with speakers such as Mr. Paul Donovan (Group Chief Economist and a Managing Director at UBS' Investment Bank), Dr. Mamdouh Salameh (Former World Bank), Dr. Alexander Naumov (British Petroleum) and Mr. Simon Oxley (Managing Director, Barclays Oil & Gas Investment Banking) who discussed and debated on topics ranging from the effects of US interest rates on global finance to the future of the energy industry.


Skills-based Workshops

The UCLU Business Society is here to promote your growth through upgrading your skillset, encouraging the development and potential of your academic and professional paths, and stimulating your interests by providing you with the means to succeed. We strongly believe that achievements are defined by knowledge and practice, and we assure that each workshop and interactive session is led by professionals of the sector.

Our workshops and interactive sessions aim to provide you with the tools and information necessary to strengthen your candidacy in some of the most competitive industries, such as investment banking and consultancy, overcome competition as well as to gain an insight into the culture of our business partners. Through real world scenarios encountered in problem-solving activities, team exercises, mock interviews and specific case studies, our workshops will provide you with the best practice in preparation for your future careers.


Case-study Sessions

The case study (CS) is a unique part of interviews common to all top management consulting firms. We hope to equip you with a solid understanding of how such interviews work, what skills are required, what different types exist, what areas to target and practice by solving cases on the spot and getting guidance from experienced professionals and members of the Consulting team. Through this, you will gain essential knowledge and experience in acing the case study interviews and form practical skillsets needed for solving problems in the business world that will be beneficial throughout your careers. 

The sessions will involve an introductory class starting in Week 3, before running for approximately every other week in which two members of the team will explore different types of cases with participants, such as interviewee-led cases, interviewer-led cases, presentation-only cases and many more. These 1-hour sessions will have our team outline tasks, placing the onus very much on participants, as attendance will be merit-based after the first two sessions. 

As seen from past experiences, the key to securing top internships and graduate roles lies in preparation, and our CS sessions will give you a substantial head-start in your pursuit of a world-class career. 



Our society regularly organises inter-university competitive events in the career clusters of finance, consulting, business management and administration, entrepreneurship and many more. All of these are judged by business and industry professionals, and the honours which the students compete for have worldwide recognition.

For more information, see DECA


Networking Opportunities

The UCLU Business Society aims to bridge the gap between top employers and some of the brightest students in the world. Our goal is to enable students to connect with their potential employers, showcase their skills and enhance each other’s learning.

We host a variety of events, including corporate presentations, networking events and skills training workshops with professionals. Through our events and workshops, top employers are able to engage with our best and most enthusiastic students.

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