Social Enterprise

Business in Society

Commercial activity in the private sector pursues the efficient provision of needs, whether it's: banking services, legal, communications or marketing. Today, corporations and start-ups increasingly pursue social or environmental objectives, beyond traditional guidelines, and practice corporate social responsibility.

To solve the world’s most pressing social issues, sustainable solutions from the private sector are needed. Where financial return meets social impact, there lies the future in social enterprises.

Social Enterprise at UCL

Founded in March 2017, Social Enterprises at the Business Society pursues to become the platform for UCL students to learn about social impact business and explore career opportunities.

Growing in scope, employment and turnover, the social enterprise sector demands more action by ongoing professional and academics. As a new division with growth potential, our mission is innovative and powerful:

- Establish professional opportunities for you to work on real-world challenges

- Train your skill-set and business acumen with professional mentorship

- Develop and accelerate your own social start-up ideas

- Provide professional mentorship and training to build your career

- Measure your impact on campus and beyond

Your upcoming 2017-18 year with the Business Society is marked by results-driven innovation by Social Enterprises. Ultimately the value in the newly founded division lies in its impact – on your career and our society.

Get Involved

Launching September 2017, Social Enterprises is looking forward to 5+ new campaigns on campus throughout the academic year.

You will have the chance to:

- Compete with your social start-up idea against other students

- Meet successful social entrepreneurs and their powerful ideas

- Explore social consulting & impact investing careers

- Report as journalist on trends and developments in social enterprises

- Advise on strategy and CSR to local businesses!

Stay tuned for upcoming details on our calendar & Facebook!

If you have an interest in what we do, please ask and contact us.