UCL Business Society's Consulting division has a threefold mission:

- To educate students about the consulting industry by bridging the gap between consulting companies and students

- To help students develop marketable soft and hard skills through case study sessions and workshops, which are often held by our partners

- To provide advice and mentorship to ensure our members are maximizing their prospects of pursuing a career in consulting

What does the Consulting division do?

We host a variety of events, including corporate presentations, networking events and skills training workshops with professionals. Through our events and workshops, top employers are able to engage with our best and most enthusiastic students.

Skills based workshops:

The UCL Business Society is here to promote your growth through upgrading your skill-set, encouraging the development and potential of your academic and professional paths, and stimulating your interests by providing you with the means to succeed. We strongly believe that achievements are defined by knowledge and practice, and we assure that each workshop and interactive session is led by professionals of the sector. Our workshops and interactive sessions aim to provide you with the tools and information necessary to strengthen your candidacy within the competitive consultancy industry, overcome competition as well as to gain an insight into the culture of our business partners.

Through real world scenarios encountered in problem-solving activities, team exercises, mock interviews and specific case studies, our workshops will provide you with the best practice in preparation for your future careers.

Case-study sessions:

Case studies are a key part of interviews common to all top management consulting firms. We hope to equip you with a solid understanding of how such interviews work and what skills are required. We will also provide guidance from experienced professionals and the members of the consulting team. Bi-weekly sessions, which will allow members to explore different types of cases, start on October 16th when attendees will be paired up with a partner to solve cases together, both during the sessions and in their free time. As seen from past experience, the key to securing a top internship lies in preparation, and our Case Study sessions will give you a head-start in your pursuit of a world-class career.

Mentorship program:

Our mentorship program is aimed at first and second year students who are eager to elevate their professional skills and get insider knowledge into the world of consulting. Selected students will be paired up with current or former employees from top consulting companies. If you are looking for an opportunity to build your network and and get an insight into the job of a consultant, be sure to attend our kickoff event in October.